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กแ FAQ

1. [Course Registration] How many credits are the students allowed to take a semester?
12 credits maximum
2. [Course Registration] How do the students add or drop 6 or more credits during the course dropping or adding period?
The students of changed register (with a double major or a minor) or those under inevitable situations should submit to the department office the relevant application form that can be obtained from the office, and have the applied credits changed subject to the approval on the reasons stated, with the changes reflected on the computer the next day.
3. [Changes of Register] How do the students who are removed from school register due to failure to register continue to study in school?
The students can return to the school register once within a year in case they were removed from register due to a failure to register and there is a vacancy in the quorum. After one year passed, they are allowed to reenter school just once. (applications for returning to, or reentering school should be submitted to the department office during the period for returning to school.) Returning to, and reentering, school are permitted just one time respectively, and the students who were removed from register after having returned to school can reenter school just one time. In this case, all the data on the register are to be kept as they are.

4.[Course completion/Graduation] What are the basic standard and qualifications for completing the master's and Ph.D. programs and graduations?
* Master (passed thesis evaluation)
Registrations:: 4 ~ 12 times
Credits acquired: 24 or more credits
Scores: GPA for entire courses should be 3.0 and over

* Ph.D. (passed thesis evaluation)
Registrations: 4 ~ 12 times
Credits acquired: 24 or more credits (Master 24 credits, Ph.D. 36 credits)
Scores: GPA for entire courses should be 3.0 and over

Master's and Doctoral Integrated Programs (passed thesis evaluation)
Registrations: 6 ~ 16 times
Credits acquired: 60 or more credits
Scores: GPA for entire courses should be 3.0 and over
5. [Registration] What happens to the students who return to school following a temporary absence after registration?
For returning to school, the students have to submit the relevant application to the department office, and they will be properly registered without any further registration procedures. The students who exceeded the limited number of registration times (undergraduates 9 times, masters 5, Ph.D. 5 times and over) should have to pay for the exceeding credits. (the amount to be billed on the tuition bill)
6.[Scholarships] What kind of scholarships are there?
(1) BK Assistance
- Students in the first year of the master's program will be selected, in the 1st semester, on the basis of their entrance exam scores, and, in the 2nd semester, on the scores of the first semester. Students in the 2nd year will be preferentially selected among those whose GPA in the 1st year was, or exceeded, 3.0 students.

- BK Fellow: BK Fellow scholarship recipients among the students in their 1st year are selected each semester on their entrance exam scores, and the recipients in the 2nd year are selected by the deliberations of the Graduate Studies Committee on the results of the qualification tests and course scores. The scholarships are additionally paid over the financial assistance for the students of the general master's program and the scholarships once decided lasts for one year.

(2) Tuition Fees
Recipients will be selected among the new graduate students in the order of their entrance exam results within the number of recipients allotted to each college

(3) Lecture/Research Assisting Students
Upon the recommendation of one student by one professor among the students whose GPA is or exceeds 3.3 in his/her preceding semester in the master's program, the recipients are paid the tuition fees and a certain amount of monthly allowance.

7.[Credit Approval] Can a graduate student take undergraduate courses?
When students in the master's or integrated programs want to take undergraduate courses, they can take up to three credits each semester upon approval of dean or head of the department, and have an accumulate total of 6 credits reflected for the completion the program.
8. [Course completion/Graduation] Can students get a postponement in their completion of the courses?
Yes. To get a postponement, students need to submit the Request for the Postponement of the Course Completion.