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Good News
Num Title Name Date Hit
208   [한국물리학회]김정구, 신용일교수, 조영설학생 수상 webadmin13-05-03978
207   Observation of Thermally Activated Vortex Pairs in a Quasi-2D Bose Gas webadmin13-04-29778
206   Distinct Universality Classes of Domain Wall Roughness in Two-Dimensional Pt/Co/Pt Films webadmin13-04-12796
205   [윤보람박사 (지도교수 : 이원종)] LANL의 Director's Fund postdoctoral fellow 임용 webadmin13-04-08763
204   Published in Optics Express by HW Kihm, S.Koo, J. Ahn..DS Kim webadmin13-04-02619
203   [Prof. Hohmg, S.] Paper is published in Nature Chemical Biology webadmin13-03-27627
202   [Prof. Takhee Lee] Paper is published in Nano Letters. webadmin13-03-21500
201   [Prof. Kahng] Paper is published in Science webadmin13-03-151009
200   [박형렬박사, 박영미/김대식교수] 분자의 테라헤르츠파 흡수를 천만배 늘리다; Nano Letters 게재 webadmin13-03-08609
199   [Prof. Soo-Jong Rey]Award Certificate of Reviewing Excellence webadmin13-03-05717
198   [제원호교수] 광과학 최고영예 성도광과학상 수상 webadmin13-02-25485
197   [Prof. K. An, H. Jeong, Y. Shin] A Papre has been published in PRL webadmin12-12-201086