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Good News
Num Title Name Date Hit
196   [김수봉/이탁희교수] 2012년 올해의 10대 과학기술 뉴스로 선정 webadmin12-12-14867
195   [Prof. Weonjong Lee] Paper is published in PRL webadmin12-12-08914
194   Prof. Wonho Jhe is elected to APS Fellow webadmin12-11-21773
193   [Gyu-chul Yi] Paper is published in Adv. Mater. webadmin12-11-16528
192   [Prof. Hohng,S/MH Jo] Paper is published in PNAS webadmin12-11-06552
191   [Dr. SeungCheon Kim/ Q2C WCU research center] Dr. SeungCheon Kim received the new physicist award from the Korean Physical Society webadmin12-10-29751
190   [Prof. Park, YW] N-type graphene induced by dissociative H2 adsorption at room temperature webadmin12-10-08996
189   Probing Phase Fluctuations in a 2D Degenerate Bose Gas by Free Expansion webadmin12-09-241105
188   Nanotechnology-based flexible electronics webadmin12-09-18495
187   [Hwang / Prof. Khang] Paper is published in PRL webadmin12-08-22809
186   [Dr. Tshoo, Prof.Satou, Bhang, Choi] Paper is published in PRL webadmin12-07-182018
185   Flexible molecular-scale electronic devices webadmin12-07-12838