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Good News
Num Title Name Date Hit
172   DNA cleavage and opening reactions of human topoisomerase IIα are regulated via Mg2+-mediated dynamic bending of gate-DNA webadmin12-02-15571
171   [Prof. Jeon] Research Highlight in Nature Photonics webadmin12-02-08640
170   [Prof. Gyu-Chul Yi ] Paper is published in Adv. Mat. webadmin12-02-02558
169   Observation of Topologically Stable 2D Skyrmions in an Antiferromagnetic Spinor Bose-Einstein Condensate webadmin12-01-26964
168   Kyungtaek Min, Yun- Kyoung Choi and Heonsu Jeon webadmin12-01-19674
167   [Prof. Takhee Lee] Paper is published in Adv. Mat. webadmin12-01-12594
166   [Dr.Cho, Prof. Kahng] Paper is published in PRL webadmin11-12-291040
165   [Prof. Noh Lab] Paper is published in Adv. Mat. webadmin11-12-23701
164   [Dr. Mun] EU Marie Curie International Fellowship webadmin11-12-16855
163   Paper was chosen Cover Page in Adv. Mat. webadmin11-12-09796
162   [Prof. Sato] "Most Read Article" in Physics Letters B webadmin11-12-05743
161   [Dr.Kab-Jin Kim/Prof. Sug-Bong Choe]Paper is published in PRL webadmin11-11-221001