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Date:Wednesdays, 4:00pm

Course Materials
Date Speaker (Position) Title *
2003-03-12  Prof. Byoung-Tak Zhang (school of computer science and engineering)  Nano-Scale Thermodynamic Computing with DNA Molecules .
2003-03-19  Prof. T. Ishiguro (Kyoto University)  Magnetic Field-Induced Phenomena in Organic Superconductors .
2003-03-26  Prof. Deog Ki Hong (Dept. of Physics, Pusan National University)  Matter under extreme conditions .
2003-04-02  Prof. Kyunghwan Oh (Fiber Optics Research Laboratory (FORlab))  Hollow core fibers and their applications in optical devices .
2003-04-09  Prof. Ju-Jin Kim (Department of Physics, Chonbuk National University)  Nanodevices made of nanowire and nanotube .
2003-04-23  Prof. Cohen Tannoudji ()  Ultracold atoms and quantum degenerate gases .
2003-04-30  Prof. Jihn Eui Kim (School of Physics)  Particles and the universe .
2003-05-07   ()  Si nanocrystal based Si micro photonics .
2003-05-13  Jungsang Kim (Bell Lab., Lucent Technologies)  Devices and Systems for Advanced Optical Communications .
2003-05-21  Prof. Hu-Jong Lee (Department of Physics, Pohang University ofScience and Tec)  The Physics of Intrinsic Josephson Junctions .
2003-05-28  Prof. Yong Baek Kim ()  Topological Order in Strongly Correlated Electron Systems .
2003-06-04  Prof.Taka Kajino (National Astronomical Observatory andUniversity of Tokyo)  Cosmological Nucleosynthesis in the Big-Bang and Supernovae:concordance among BBN, CMB and SNIa .
2003-09-03  Prof. John Weiner (University Paul Sabatier)  Using light forces to make nanostructures .
2003-09-17  Prof. Dong-Pyo Chi (School of Mathematical, SNU)  Riemann Hypothesis, Quantum Chaos and Quasicrystals. .
2003-09-24  Prof. Jae Ryang Hahn (Chonbuk University)  Spectroscopy, Microscopy and Chemistry at the Spatial Limit .
2003-10-01  Prof. Yong Wook Kim (Lehigh University)  Weakly nonideal laser-produced plasmas .
2003-10-08  Prof. Byungsik Hong (University of Korea)  Present and future perspectives of relativistic heavy-ion collisions .
2003-10-13  Prof. Ho Jung Paik (University of Maryland)  Probing extra dimensions down to a few micrometers using a superconducting accelerometer .
2003-10-22  Prof. Seunghoon Hong (Seoul National Univeristy)  Hybrid Nanostructures and Devices .
2003-11-05  Prof. Jinwoo Cheon (Yonsei University)  Architectures of Inorganic Nanocrystals:Diamonds, Wires, and Stars and More .
2003-11-12  Prof. Mahn Won Kim (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)  Nano-Control of Self-Assembled Nonionic Micelles .
2003-11-19  Prof. Jorg. Fink (Institute of Solid State Research, Dresden)  What can we learn from angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy on the dynamics of the charge carriers in high-Tc superconductors .
2003-11-26  Prof. Beop-Min Kim (Yonsei University)  Optical microscpoic imaging of biological tissues .
2003-12-03  Prof. Jewan Kim (School of Physics, SNU)  The arts of chaos .
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